Tile Dodger

Tile Dodger



Tile dodger is a simple game that can get infinitely complex. Collect as many blue cubes as possible while avoiding the red bars coming from the walls. 

This was done independently for a one week game jam in 2014.


The main programming language I used to code the game.


The engine used.


The IDE used with Unity.


Used for pseudo code and problem solving.

Microsoft Excel

Used to manage all tasks.

Surface Movement


programming 22
The most difficult problem I faced with Tile Dodger was definitely getting the tiles to move along the walls. In attempt to be a good programmer I tried making simple calculations and algorithms to get around. The problem with all of them was that they all had some kind of outlier that would break them. I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of a simple equation to move around the surface of a cube. At one point I decided to focus on the results over exactly how it was done and try out some ‘messy’ solutions.


PathsThe one I settled with managed to not only work amazingly but was arguably simpler than my previous attempts. What I did was record all possible motions in a 4×3 matrix. Each of the 3 main arrays represented paths around the each axis while each of the 4 arrays within them were directions for each wall that make up those paths. All I had to do was do a check to see if I was going pass a wall, if I was then I’d update the index of the current wall and I would be given the appropriate direction to move along it. From this I learned that I shouldn’t waste time trying to find a specific way of coding something if it risks the result itself.






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